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Enjoy Complimentary Shipping on Orders Over $250
Enjoy Complimentary Shipping on Orders Over $250

24 x 12 x 12'' Corrugated Boxes

Original price $27.60 - Original price $99.50
Original price
$27.60 - $99.50
Current price $27.60

At TBS, we pride ourselves on maintaining a vast collection of shipping boxes designed to meet your every need. One of our most popular products is the 24 x 12 x12'' Corrugated Box, built with double walls (D/W) and a strong 32 ECT rating, ensuring maximum protection for your items during transit. This cube-shaped box is particularly popular for shipping round items, thanks to its optimal size and shape.

In addition to this, we carry Standard Regular Slotted Container (RSC) corrugated boxes that are extremely versatile in their use. Whether you need to pack goods for storage, prepare items for shipping, or even store products in a warehouse or at home, our boxes are designed to fit the bill.

What sets our boxes apart is their user-friendly design. They are incredibly simple to set up, making the packing process efficient and stress-free. Loading your items into these boxes is a breeze, and closing them up for shipping or storage couldn't be easier. We are committed to providing solutions that save you time and energy while ensuring the safety of your products.